Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what is social work??

social work is a profession that can challenge and help you to make a difference for others. its goal is to improve the functioning and the well-being of all people. yet, social workers have a special concern for the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable. social work is both an art and science. a past student explained it this way "to be a social worker is to be like an artist with the right strokes on a canvas and like a scientist with the correct formula for reaching out and providing what is needed for others".

social work is one of the human services professions that have been sanctioned by society to help improve the quality of life for all people. other such helping professions include clinical psychology, drugs and alcohol counseling, marriage and family counseling, school psychology, medicine, rehabilitation counseling, nursing and so on. the uniqueness of social work among these professions is its focus on the social functioning of people and helping people interact more effectively wiht their environment.

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